Adventure Journal

Year: Year of Priest’s Defiance
Season: High Sun
Month: Smolder

Date: 4th (Day 1):
“You and your companions have been working for the merchant house of Grik from Balic, and were hired by a merchant lord named Valeth to retrieve an item for him. A sorcerer called Panja stole a small box made of bone.

Valeth's captain of the guard, a Mul named Arven tells you that her scouts tracked Panja to a basin in the Gaint’s Ribs Mountains called the Valley of Dread."

The party headed out from Balic along the well traveled trade route. After one day no encounters.

Date: 5th (Day 2):
Traveled a full day, encountered a Jhachar. Stripped the carcass for parts. Party Camped at night and found a lone beetle. After Clagshir would not stop pestering the beetle eating a bush it decided to defend itself and cover him in fire. Party killed the beetle.


Date: 6th (Day 3):
Traveled to 12 midday, found a cart tipped over with dead body. Investigated the body to find infested with a swarm of centipedes. Party killed the swarm after being bitten multiple times and looted the cart. Travelled till dark and camped with no encounter.

Date: 7th (Day 4):
Travelled, encountered a large rock pile. The party noticed some type of creature standing on the rocks, on closer inspection it was a humanoid ant. The ant showed signs of hostility and after they spotted more then one creature the party made a wide birth around the rocks to avoid the creatures. Discovered a large cave off the track they were following and decided to avoid it. The party continued on until dark and camp with no encounter.

Date: 8th (Day 5):
The party travelled until finding a small rock field that was covered in some type of bushy plant similar to a blackberry bush. Glagsher recognises the bush as a Moonjaberry bush which are rare and good for fermenting. They decided to pick the berries and the bush defended itself, after a vicious fight where some party were severely injured they killed the bush and harvested some berries. The party travelled until finding a lean-to made from rocks and bones. Inside was a small lizard type creature wearing ragged clothes and odds and ends, the creature introduced itself as Snaglish and wanted to trade. The party traded some goods and Snaglish made it well know not to kill him or his tribe would take revenge. The party ranger Callie recognised the creature as a Silt Runner.

The party travelled on till 6 and setup camp as the sun set. Early in the morning the party awoke to large plumes of sand being sprayed into the air not far from them. The party readied for a fight as the sand spraying became more agitated. The wind picked up and the sand blew into a sandstorm, the party ran for cover. The storm burst over the dunes and enveloped the party, all of a sudden the sand formed a mass of people clothed in ropes while the wind and sand swirled around the party. The party covered with the man at the front and they agreed to take them to the mountains to the south, this was the opposite direction that the party wished to head in. The sand settled and the sand people disappeared.

Date:9th(Day 6):
The party found them themselves near some mountains on the opposite side as they were before and it was late afternoon. The party head north along the side of the mountains and made camp. In the night the party were attacked by hairy goatish men that looked like they were particularly insane with twitching eyes and erratic movements. The party defeated the creatures with one of them escaping in a blink of the eye. The party awoke and travelled.

Date:9th(Day 6):
The party travelled north with no encounter

Date:10th(Day 7):
The party travelled with no encounter until the spotted a settlement on the horizon. They travelled until they reach the outskirts where small fortifications in the form a low lying rock walls with bone spikes protruding. A broken sign with the name "Lost Hope" painted on them was posted on the road into the town. The settlement could have only been around a couple hundred inhabitants and their structures were made of sandstone with elaborate carvings on the walls. Upon entering the town the party spotted some commotion ahead, a large man dressed in lizard skin with a Jhakar at his heels was harassing a young man in desert ropes. He then concentrated on the party and advised them to not cause any trouble in town or they deal with him. The party headed to the centre of town and only paused to buy some Gando grappa from an old man that advised that fruit crops had a wasp plague destroying the fruit. The party filled their waterskins at the town well, they stocked up on supplies and stayed the night at the inn. The party asked the publican about areas of note around town and he advised among other places that the valley of Dread is 2 days south from town. The party slept the night and headed out in the morning.


Date:11th(Day 8):
The party travelled south with no encounter

Date:12th(Day 9):
The party travelled south, they encountered two large pillars at the entrance of a valley. The party stayed the night at near the pillars.


Date:13th(Day 10):
The party travelled north east with no encounter

Date:14th(Day 11):
The party travelled north east with no encounter

Date:15th(Day 12):
The party travelled north east, they encountered a group of humanoids heading into the valley in the distance. They left 3 bodies behind, the party raided the bodies for loot and found them to be male shifters. small obsidian chips were found in small patches while travelling. The party spotted a structure ahead in the distance.

Date:16th(Day 13):
The party travelled and found themselves in a field of obsidian, the dwarf advised it looked unnatural obsidian normally didn’t form like this. As they approached what looked to be a tower the obsidian grew denser and huge shards of it protruded from the sand like swords, the party camped near the tower in the obsidian field.


Date:17th(Day 14):
The party approached the tower to find a large trench blocking their path, a lone bridge the only way to cross. A large skeleton stood guard at the base of the tower, the party attacked the skeleton and destroyed it. The party approached the tower to see the embossed depiction of mortals burning in fire grasping for the heavens on the bone doors. The party entered the tower and explored multiple rooms to find engravings on the floor and a stone dial with the same markings. The party turned the dial and headed to a room previously explored that was overgrown with a type of vine, a door had opened, the dragonborn in the group breathed fire on the vines and they shuddered with movement.

The Vines attacked and the party quickly took care of them, they entered the room to find it a rotating room with a centre device to control it. The party rotated the room and found a room with a stone coffin/chest in the middle, a motif of the back wall of 4 men holding the sun and 3 skulls with their mouths open in the same wall. The party tried to open the stone chest but it wouldn't budge, they searched the room to find levers in the skulls open mouth. Heurheiee decided to pull the far left lever the the skull clamped down on his wrist, the party tried to free him. Suddenly the depictions of men in the wall cracked and half mummified men burst out of the wall, the party destroyed the rotting corpses and Heurheiee freed himself. The party pulled the levers to find the correct one and the chest opened to reveal a corpse with some treasure.

The party then investigated a small pool of water in another room which looked a little slimly and stagnate. They moved on into the rotating room and rotated the room until the found some stairs heading up. They went up the stairs to find a room covered in scorch marks and a pile of sand with arcane runes written in it. They opened a door to find another room with hundreds of bones from all different body parts hanging from the ceiling obscuring vision at head height. They encountered a young sorcerer/wizard with some skeletal guards. After a tough fight, which included the Clagshir kicking down a door, the young man fled with the party chasing him. After a short while they caught him and he died fighting, the party then entered a room that look like a simple dwelling as it contained a bed and personal effects. The party rested till about four in the afternoon.

They then proceeded and entered a room containing two mirrors, Clagshir and Heurheiee investigated to find that their reflection was surrounded by shadowy figures grasping at them, then the only light carried by Clagshir went out. The party started another torch to find them both gone, the party destroyed the mirrors and discussed how to save their friends. Minutes past and then the party heard a scratching noise around the corner, they investigated to find Clagshir and Heurheiee playing a prank on them. Clagshir and Heurheiee then proceeded to tell the party the were transported to a room full of filth and scraps where they were attacked by undead, they escaped and found a secret staircase leading to the tower entrance. The party then went up the next flight of stairs to find an robed man bending over table he was surrounded by skeleton guards, this was clearly the top level of the tower. The party attacked the man only find him to be some undead creature with tight skin and white hair. The party locked heads with the creature and a tough battle was ensured.

The creature hurled bolts of purple lighting at its foes which blistered their skin, the party eventually killed the creature and its guards. They searched the room and found a bone box, they opened the box to find a small finger bone, Ariana advised that it is the finger bone of a murdered child and it is often used in necromancy rituals to raise the dead. The party believed this to be the box they were sent to find. The party burned the corpse on a table filled with alchemy equipment, Clagshir decided to pick up a glass globe on a pedestal and the party's vision appeared to become blurry. The room began to slowly change into a darker room made of grey stone, everything remained blurry except for a young man sitting in a stone throne, he sat there playing with two mice. After a while he noticed the party and demanded where Martirus was, he then hinted he realised the party must have destroyed him, this realisation suddenly enraged the man as he slammed his fist on the stone throne he sat on. All of a sudden the image the young man melted away to reveal a skeletal creature with red eyes wearing a tattered rope, the mice the boy was playing with also appeared to be skeletal mice. Then the previous image of the man returned, the man then advised he had enough talking and waved his hand. The room of the tower returned and the blurriness faded. The party gathered there equipment and stayed the night in the tower.

Date:18th(Day 15):
The party travelled from the tower and noticed a large plume of smoke coming from the east, leading further into the valley. The decided to head back to Lost Hope to replenish there supplies. The party travelled for a full day and camped with no encounter.

Date:19th(Day 16):
The party travelled for a full day and camped with no encounter.

Date:20th(Day 17):
The party travelled for a full day and camped. In the day the party encountered 2 men wearing desert robes which had an emblem of fire on their chest, they appeared to be walking without an destination in mind. The party talked with them for a while and found out they were from a cult called the Fire Churners.

Date:21th(Day 18):
The party travelled for a full day and camped. In the night a skeleton was spotted by the party dragging a dead lizard, the skeleton did not act hostile as the party act it.

Date:22th(Day 19):
The party travelled for a full day and camped. The party encountered a black scorpion carrying a shard of obsidian in its claw, Gesh squished the scorpion with his axe. Later in the day the party found a dead man leaning on a rock, Callie advised that he died of thirst, travelling for a few more hours they found what appeared to be a battle ground. Roughly 15 men lay dead in the sand, some appeared to have bird guano smeared on their weapon blades, the party salvages some weapons and moved on.

Date:23th(Day 20):
The party travelled to Lost Hope, they arrived in town at around 5. The party relaxed with a drink or two at the local inn that they normally stayed at, shortly after some of the party heard distant shouting outside. Some of the party ventured outside to investigate to find Nasir hassling a old man in ropes with the emblem of the Fire Churners, the situation became heated very quick as Nasir stabbed the man. A young man in the same robes appeared, which the party had met earlier when first coming to lost hope, he pulled a small flame from his cloak and begged it to help as he through it to the ground. The small flame erupted and took a part humanoid form, it then appeared to turn on the boy as it spat insults back at him. The creature then appeared to tear a hole in the ground with its claws as fire creatures spewed forth, to which the boy in ropes fled. The area turned to chaos as the town guards and the party fended off the fire creatures, the smaller ones appeared to be a manic with excitement as the tried to ignite anything around them.


The fight ended with a few of the smaller creatures escaping down some alley ways, shortly after the fight a guard came running up to Nasir and informed him that the guard house was on fire, Nasir then followed him. The party decided to help so shortly followed, after a couple of minutes hustle the party came to the guard how now engulfed in flames. Guard frantically tried to put it out to no avail. Nasir asked the party to bring the head of the young man for a reward, the party accepted and with the help of their ranger found the young man quickly. He barely put up any resistance as he was cut down, the party returned his head and received coins for their trouble. The party rested for the night and planned to head back to Balic at first light.

Date:24th(Day 21):
In the morning Nasir burst in the inn and advised that they had lost contact with the guard tower to the north, he had lost men last night and could not afford to spare more to investigate, he offered a reward for helping out. The party accepted and travelled north 4 hours till the found the tower, their appeared to be a struggle and as they investigated further they found the guards bodies over the sand dune. All of a sudden a man appeared on the broken wall next to the tower and demanded they drop their weapons and hand over there gold, food and water. The party resisted and a fight broke out, more bandits appeared after hiding under the sand using mats. The party found out they were the White Skulls Raiders after their battle cries. Gesh, who was in the tower when he fight broke out, almost died as a raider climbed the tower and pushed him off. The party killed all the raiders and set up camp near the tower.

The party rested and were awoken by the squabbling of the Kestrekals fighting over the remains of the bandits. A large vulture also was picking over the bodies when it landed on some of the party members shoulders. It would not leave the party alone and had an odd mannerism about it, when landing on the ground it morphed into a vulture like man. The party was quick to nearly attack it when it explained itself and diffused the situation, the party soon decided to take the creature that called itself Traa-Krii along with them as it seemed to have good intentions. The party travelled to town and advised Nasir of what happened, he rewarded them for their trouble. The party stayed the night in the inn.


Date:25th(Day 22):
The party decided to head back to Balic and return the the finger to claim their reward. They set out after restocking supplies.

Date:26th(Day 23):
The party travelled with no encounter.

Date:27th(Day 24):
The party travelled with no encounter, they could see a large plum of black smoke coming from the valley of dread as they passed the entrance to the valley.

Date:28th(Day 25):
The party moved into rocky terrain where all of a sudden a man covered in a fur cloak appear around a large rock, with a raspy voice he ranted about how the party could not escape him. Undead dogs ambushed the party and a fight broke out, the man appeared to be also undead and the body of the young man they killed in the tower. The party destroyed all the undead and moved on.

Date:29th(Day 26):
The party travelled with no encounter.

Date:30th(Day 27):
The party travelled and moved into sandy terrain, at night a creature was spotted in the distance. The party went to investigate to find an injured Jhakar that was infested with a parasitic worms. Wounds covered the creature and squirming worms poked out of the wounds, its hind legs also had large bite marks. The party killed the animal out of mercy, and the vulture man proceeded to eat parts of the creature after removing some worms.

Year: Year of Priest’s Defiance
Season: High Sun
Month: Festival of the Highest Sun
Date:1st(Day 28):
The party travelled, in the day they spotted a snake like creature flying away in the distance. At night the halfling felt like something had bit her in the back while sleep, she rolled over to be face to face with a large snake like creature. A scream awoke the party and a tough fight ensured, this was no normal snake as it exhibited psionic powers and when they party had almost killed the animal if lifted off the ground and floated away. The party rested for the rest of the night.


Date:2nd(Day 29):
The party travelled with no encounter.

Date:3rd(Day 30):
The party travelled with no encounter.The part spotted a pyramid like structure in the distance just before stopping for the night.

Date:4th(Day 31):
The party travelled to the structure to find a large ziggurat with a large crack like crevice running through it, behind the structure appear a large city wall. The investigated the structure for a while and decided to stay the night near it. Traa-Krii decided to fly over the city, the city appear quiet large and completely void of all life as the sands had taken over the city covering all of the streets. The party noticed something approaching, they investigated and found a creature approaching covered in all sorts of equipment.


The creature soon asked them to trade as he offered them broken items, after they couldn't come to a deal, he offered to take them through the city of "Kalidnay" for a price. After some bartering he accepted, he also warned them about some dangerous mists in the city that come out at night. The creature stayed the night with them for the night, Traa-Krii investigated the mist by sitting on the city walls at dusk to witness a strange mist billowing from houses to cover the city streets. The party spotted something large flying overhead at night.

Date:5th(Day 32):
The creature lead them into the town and into a hidden trap door in a house covered in sand, the party descended into the tunnel and found themselves in a network of tunnels. Traa-Krii spotted some dry blood on the walls that put him on edge, soon after the creature turned around and demanded more payment, when the party refused he run off shouting that they where here. Traa-Krii got off a lucky shoot and killed him, soon after shapes emerged from the darkness and a tough fight broke out.


They appeared to be gifted in the "Way" as the largest one had one on a chain, which appeared to be void of any thought and let loose with mental attacks. The party killed and looted the creature, and Calli had heard about these creatures. The party left the way they came in and followed the main streets to the other side of the city. The party travelled and found a body that was ripped apart by some wild beast, a couple hours later they found a body tied to a tree that also looked badly mauled. They soon found the main road again and they spotted a creature standing there looking at them, as they approached they noticed it was a dwarf that has black smoky wisps coming from him. "Prince Mortacratin wishes to speak with you" it hissed and it proceeded to float towards the party…

The sun darkened to a grey hue and the sand turned black as it started moving beneath the parties feet. Shapes started protruding from the sand as dwarves gripped in battle emerged. The party was surrounded by a catapult crew launching large stones off into the distance, a group of archers shooting volleys of bolts from behind barricades and a watch tower with spotters. Everyone on the battlefield seemed to ignore the party as they continued to fight. The ghost like dwarf ordered a group of passing dwarves to attack the party, they then circled them and closed in. The party destroyed the creature and his dwarves just as the watch tower collapsed from a catapult strike, it fell on top of Ariana and the battlefield melted away to leave the barren sand. The party found the axe left over by the ghostly dwarf and discovered that it had a rusted metal blade. The party travelled and made camp.

Year: Year of Priest’s Defiance
Season: High Sun
Month: Scorch
Date:1st(Day 33):
The party travelled with no encounters.

Date:2nd(Day 34):
The party travelled with no encounters.

Date:3rd(Day 35):
The party travelled and came across some large ruined stone structures, they ventured further to find what appeared to be some type of market or gathering. Merchants were selling wares, some small makeshift bars were selling grog and hunters were selling fresh catches.


The party decided to stay and gather some supplies. The party had the rust removed from the metal axe blade which revealed a mural with some unknown inscriptions.

Date:4th(Day 36):
The party gathered and hunted in the wastes for food.

Date:5th(Day 37):
The party gathered and hunted in the wastes for food. They discovered some petrified wood.

Date:6th(Day 38):
The party gathered and hunted in the wastes for food. The party was attacked by a group of Ssurrans, they demanded food and water or they would attack. The party refused and killed the Ssurrans. Tra-Krii took offence to their use of bird skulls and destroyed their weapons.


The party went back to the gathering in the ruins and stayed the afternoon, the afternoon passed with them relaxing and spending time looking over wares etc. A elven caravan showed up, Tra-krii tried to mingle with them but they showed him some hostility. The party slept and awoke to screams, something was attacking the guards on the edge of the light, it let out a roar as it hurled a guard over its head into the darkness. The elves that showed up earlier started frantically packing there equipment and moved on. The party also started packing to leave but the creature grabbed a young boy, spread it large wings and flew off. Tra-Krii flew after the beast, the mother run upto anyone she could find begging for them to help, all refused. When she approached the party said they would help and set off into the dark for this creature. Tra-Krii lost sight of the beast as it ducked and weaved through the ruins.

The party entered a ruin to investigate and found some sand covered rooms, they could hear whispered voices saying to leave this place, they continued and at the end it opened to a room with 2 statues. One was badly damaged and the other was in reasonable shape, they where of two humans dressed in ropes with their arms outreached towards the sky. The party left.

They entered another ruin to find a room filled with skeletons in alcoves in the walls, a large crack in the ground and a large red coiled snake painted on the ground in front of a door. The party investigated the room and the skeletons came alive and attacked as Gesh hit one with his hammer. The party destroyed the skeletons and proceeded to look through a hole made in the wooden door as Clagshir was destroying it for the wood. The could see another large room with a sarcophagi and two stone thrones, one with a body in it.

The party entered the room to find more sarcophagi, as they entered stone braziers ignited to light the room. Ariana attacked the corpse on the stone throne and it lunged forward to attack the party. Shortly after skeletons emerged from the sarcophagi. The ceiling partly collapsed in the fight and rubble destroyed one of the skeletons, Ariana also noticed a body lying on the rubble mound as there appeared to be another room above them. The party destroyed the undead and woke the unconscious elf in the rubble, after exchanging a few questions he introduced himself as Tanek. He explained that he was here with his cousin exploring the ruins we they were cut off from each other, he asked the party if he could follow them for the time being. The party followed a dew dusty corridors till they came to a large round room with large columns encircling it, in the middle was a smaller column with a platform on the top. Tra-Kri flew to the platform to find the edging of dust from something that was once on top of the platform. There was small pieces of rubble around the column. The ventured further to find two paths, they took the left corridor and found what appeared to be bed chambers, a crack in the roof had water tickling down it to form a small pool. Heurheiee levitated the water into their waterskins, the water caused a large amount of humidity in the air here which made all of the wooden furniture rot and fall to pieces. Their was a couple of roped corpses lying in the decayed beds. The party returned and followed the large corridor, if opened to a large chamber filled with columns, rubble, a large statue with its armed stretched out as if holding something and an alter. A small child lay unconscious on the alter and a ghostly figured behind it holding a dagger, the party approached the ghost and tried to reason with it, its response was "only blood can repay that which was taken". The party then rushed the ghost to protect the child, they quickly destroyed the ghost as it uttered "What have you done!" before fading away. A large roar was herd behind the rubble as the creature from before leaped forward and stone doors hidden in the statues base opened the skeletons emerged from the darkness.


The party destroyed most of the skeletons as they pulled the young child to safety. The party destroyed the creature and the left over skeletons, they explored the room and some corridors leading off. They found a smaller similar looking statue to before that was holding a red gem in its hands, they took the gem. The party left and returned the child, who was still unconscious, to his mother. She was very grateful and gave a necklace to tra-krii as a reward. The elven clan had moved on so the new member, Tanek, decided to stay with the party for the time being. They rested and headed on the road again to Balic.

Date:7th(Day 39):
The party travelled with no encounters.

Date:8th(Day 40):
The party travelled with no encounters.

Date:9th(Day 41):
The party travelled with no encounters. They discovered a small hot spring while travelling through a rocky region, the water was coated with a rusty coloured algae. The party filled there water skins.

Date:10th(Day 42):
The party travelled with no encounters.

Date:11th(Day 43):
The party travelled and encountered a Brohg being attacked by around 10 men, the creature had three ropes tied around it that the men were using to control it.


The party approached to assess the situation, one of the men noticed them and asked them to help. He advised the creature was destined for the "Pit", the party decided to help the creature and they attacked the men. The Goliath who appeared to be leading them was not amused by this and ordered them to attack. The party and the Brohg eventual killed the men, the party backed away from the Brohg as they were unsure if it would attack them. The Brohg uttered a few grunts at them in some unknown language to the party as it stripped some of the bodies for supplies and moved on. The party continued to travel and made camp till the morning.

Date:12th(Day 44):
The party travelled with no encounters.

Date:13th(Day 45):
The party travelled and encountered a caravan, a cart being pulled by an Inix with guards surrounding it. The driver of the cart offered them leather to trade and some of the party traded.

Date:14th(Day 46):
The party travelled and arrived at Balic before sunset. They entered the Great Gate and was approached by a someone in blue robes that proceeded to take down their information as he wrote in a book. The party entered the city and Callie lead them to her residence in the Guilder's Precinct , they offloaded their equipment and went to a local tavern called the Kank. Clagshir got into a fist fight after Callie knocked over a patrons drink, bets were made as they fought out in the street with Clagshir winning. The party drank to the early hours of the morning.

Date:15th(Day 47):
They awoke and went to the armours in the Guilder's Precinct to repair some armour, Ariana went to the market on the other side of town and was approached by elves peddling wears in the allies near the market. She discreetly asked for some magic components and one elf asked her to return at night. The party spent to afternoon in the Kank, Ariana approached a man at the bar and struct up a conversion, he asked if they wanted to join a ship as it was short on men. Tanek lifted him of his dagger while they spoke. Araina returned to the elf near the market to find an old woman waiting for her, she took Ariana to a small house and sold her magic components.

Date:16th(Day 48):
The party went to have some weapons repaired in the Guilder's Prescient as Callie's old master was not far. Ariana went to the arena to see the notice board, she found two that took her notice, a reward for a magic user and a reward for the capture of something attacking people in the Habour Precinct. The party investigated the Habour Precinct and found the murder sites of two people after taking with some locals, they tracked the blood stains and eventual found large paw prints on the roof. They searched until dark and heard a howling roar a couple of streets away, the party rushed over to find a unnatural darkness around their sunrod. Tra-Kri spotted a canine beast in the darkness as it attacked, the party fought on the roofs before it was shot off with a well placed dagger and quickly killed it on the ground. The party harvested the carcass for parts and returned to Callie's for the night.


Date:17th(Day 49):
The party handed in the head of the creature for their reward. They spent the rest of the day getting supplies after arranging a voyage on a silt skimmer heading north in two days time.

Date:18th(Day 50):
The party gathered more supplies

Date:19th(Day 51):
The party set sail in the morning.

Date:19th(Day 51):
The party sailed and arrived in Alterak just before sunset. They entered the town after paying the toll, Clagshir approached a female dwarf as he noticed there was a group of dwarfs that had setup a temporary living area in the edge of town. She advised that their hold, Stone Fangpass, was attacked by tareks and they were forced out, she advised that Rangrim Glintshield was their leader and to speak with him. The party found an inn and booked rooms for the night, Clagshir and Heurie spent the night with the dwarves as they drank the last of their dwarven ale.

Rangrim filled them in on what happened, tarreks found a way into the hold and overrun the place, they were the only ones to make it out as they sealed the pass with a great stone. He offered them a kings ransom if they can take back the hold as the dwarves here were not fighters and those that were are passed their prime.

Ariana struck up a conversation with a old man in the inn who told here her a story of the storm crows who were an adventuring group that disappeared and was rumored to have treasure at their base of operations.

The party decided to help the dwarves and went to the local guard house and requested some of the hired mercenaries come and help them. The gaurd informed that they couldn't spare any men, after some convincing he allowed them to hire 2 men, Marth and Titus. As the party were leaving the female dwarf from before approached Clagshir and asked if she could find her cousin, they used magical stones to communicate with each other, she handed the stone to Clagshir and also said to beware the shadowed chains.

The party arrived at stone fangpass late in the afternoon, they walked down the large stone tunnel and encountered some dwarven corpses that had something moving all over them. As they approached stirges flew off the corpses and attacked. Titus died in the fight as he was covered in stirges and took Marth's spear to the face as he tried to help remove them. The party continued and the passage ended with a giant slab of stone with two dwarven faces carved on them.

There was a passage to the right which the party followed and triggered multiple crossbow traps, they continued and a portcullis dropped nearly hitting Tra-Kri. The entered a room with a large lever in the floor and two statues next to it. Clagshir pulled the trigger which he could only hold for a second before it snapped back into position. The statues animated and attacked the party, they destroyed the statues and opened a large door in the room. A giant dwarf looking construction stood in the room covered in webs, The party approached and it started animating, the party scattered from their impending demise. The construction walked into the room and asked for orders in dwarven, Clagshir asked it to pull the lever, it complied.

A loud stone scrapping noise could be heard outside the room and shouts of creatures could be heard. The party prepared for attack. The tareks swarmed the tunnel as the party fought them off and killed their leader, taking his magical stone hand. The party rested.

Date:20th(Day 52):
The party had the construction pull the lever and lift the stone slab, they continued and found a secret door wedged open with a female dwarf corpse. They entered the room to find it littered with dwarven and tarek corpses, the dwarves had tattooed chains running down their face. They entered the next room and killed 3 more tareks and prepped to go down the stairwell.

The party went down the stairs and traveled down worked stone as it turned to rough hewn stone, the part could see multi-coloured lights ahead. They investigated and Tra-Kri slammed into a wall as he flew down the dark corridor, he alerted a near by Tarek who investigated. The party fought a small group of Tareks and an Ogre around a large pit. The Orgre fell in and was held up by some type of shield, a earth tremor shook the room and rocks fell from the ceiling. The shield disappeared and the Orge fell, he survived the fall but soon died from attacks. The party moved on and were soon attacked by more Tareks, they found some dwarves chanting with a blue circle around them. The party slayed the Tareks and investigated the dwarves. The dwarves introduced themselves as Gwendar, Serka, Rigdin and Thorzane of the Shadowed Chains. They quickly advised that Stonefang is breaking free from his bonds. They told the party that Stonefang was a great earth titan that fought with the dwarves centuries ago and when the dwarves could not destroy him they trapped him in the earth. A cult called the shadowed chains were tasked with ensuring that he never escaped again. They advised they needed all four fragments of Stonefang, his heart, hand, eye and rib, this would bind him once again to the earth. The party had already acquired his hand and the Shadowed chains possessed his rib. The party quickly left for the main hold with Serka and Thorzane. The party returned up to the main tunnel and continued down it, after a while they encountered a deceased dwarf nailed to the wall. The soon found the mouth of the tunnel as it opened to a large valley, stone houses littered the valley and after Tra-Kri investigated, Tareks littered the valley. The party made there way into the town to a dried up river before being spotted and a large battle broke out with Tuthak the Pummeler and his Tareks.

The party slayed Tuthak and made there way to the main keep, Tra-Kri using the powers of Stonefang's fist, which granted immense strength, flew the party one by one to the roof of the keep. The party opened a hatch in the roof and dropped down into a large room with Hyrkzag Dragonskull enjoying a feast of dwarven entrails on a feasting table. They attacked Hyrkzag as he spewed acid on the party and sprouted dragon like wings, his shamans summoned the spirits to occupy skulls located around the room. The party slew the Tareks and found the eye of Stonefang in Hyrkzag possession, they went down the stairwell to find the kitchen and some more Tareks. After killing them and searching the room they found slain dwarves hung up on hooks ready for butchering, one was still alive. They cut down the Mul, or half-dwarf, and she came to after some healing. She introduced herself as Rachel and she joined the party. They party went down the stairwell and found themselves in a great hall leading up to a throne, half the room had collapsed and they found a dead Tarek sitting in the throne that was crushed by a large rock in his hands was a reddish stone in a heart like shape spewing smoke from small holes in it. They assumed this was the heart of Stonefang and took it, the shadowed chain members with the party soon confirmed it was indeed the heart. The party found the magic communication stone that the female dwarf in Alterak asked for on Tuthak while passing his corpse. The party hastily made there way back to the chamber.

The party felt some large tremors upon arriving to the chamber, Gwendar and Rigdin had placed the rib in one of the magic circles and urged the party to do the same. The party rushed to place the fragments in the circles when a large stone hand grasped the side of the pit. Great tremors shook the room as a large stone creature pulled itself out of the pit and looked at the party with its only eye.


The creature spoke in some ancient language as it spotted some of the Shadowed chain members and started swinging its giant fists around. Gwendar soon ran down the tunnel and deserted the party. The party spread out as the titan attacked, some taking refuge in some of the circles as they placed fragments in them. The fragments once placed in the circles appeared to weaken the titan as he roared with pain. Rigdin soon fell victim to the titans wraith as he was crushed under his great fist. Serka was next to fall as she was flung across the cavern and hit the stone wall. The party sustained large wounds before the great titan fell to a well placed spear thrown by Marth the mercenary. Stonefange body disintegrated into sand before the party.

They quickly decided to hunt down the deserter, Gwendar, they soon left Stonefang Pass with two new party members, Rachel the Mul Shaman and Thorzane the dwarf Warlock. Tra-Kri soon tracked Gwendar and the party met up with him running in the desert. After he soon realised that he would not escaped the party he turned to face them. He tried to convince them to let him go saying that he was afraid for his life when the titan showed itself, some of the party felt like he was lying and they pressured him for the truth. His tone quickly changed to rage as his flung magic at the party, they quickly wounded Gwendar as his skin split open and oozed magma, Gwendar grew as his flesh melted away to leave behind a large magma creature. It attacked the party in total silence as it swung its large molten arms. The party destroyed the creature, it melted into a pool as the party could hear a bubbling voice whisper "The sand will rise" before the pool hardened. The party headed back to Alterak.


Date:21st(Day 53):
The party arrived at Alterak and Marth left the party. They gathered supplies and rested before deciding to look for the storm crows hide out near here. They bought more Crodlus for mounts, Throzane also stole a Crodlu while the owner was occupied. Thorzane left the town and waited for the party on the outskirts. They traveled and made camp in the desert.

Date:22nd(Day 54):
They party travelled and was attack by a lone Thri Kreen, Tra-Kri spoke to the creature and convince it to leave them along after handing over some rations.


The party traveled and found some old ruins, there was sign that the area had been defined by magic as the sand was like ash in parts. They were attacked by some alien like creatures that acted like jellyfish floating in the air, they tried to caress the party with delicate tentacles that attacked the mind.


They party destroyed them and moved on till they made camp. Thorzane advised that he had a crystal that would protect the party at night, he placed the crystal in the center of the party as they went to sleep. Tra-Kri noticed the crystal becoming more active after about half and hour, all of a sudden a thunder clap shook the area and lighting arched off the crystal. Everything went black as the party felt like they were falling, they hit the ground hard and sand poured in around them. Light started to fill the area as they found themselves in a large square room that was extremely hot. Large magma creatures attacked the party, Gesh smashed the crystal with his maul. Soon after the wind picked up and swirled around them to form a wind elemental with crystal shards in it. Thorzane soon turned on the party as his attacked them, after wounding him greatly his skin split open and a rocky hide formed and all flesh fell away.


He pummeled the party killing Gesh. Callie soon fell victim to another magma creature. They destroyed the creatures, the rocky creature that was once Thorzane spoke in a raspy voice "The sand will rise" as it crumbled. The party rested in the room, while resting they heard a whispering voice and a shadow appeared under the door that stretched up the walls and then disappeared. The party then opened the door to face a natural cavern with small lava spouts and pools of lava dotted around. They ventured forth and found a dwarf in the fetal position on the floor, his skin was black with soot. They appeared to be dying and asked them to kill him in a labored voice, Clagshir put him out of his misery. Tra-Krii spotted something emerging from a lava spout, a black arm protruded from the lava and a black dwarfish creature emerge. It has black crystal growth on its skin and fissures in its black skin with magma running through them. It asked in dwarven who they were, unsatisfied with the response it attacked, more soon emerged and attacked. They party destroyed them and went down the tunnel, they were presented with a cross road and went right, they found themselves in a room with a red glowing circle on the floor, creatures hanging from the ceiling encased in clear crystal or glass and a table with a body on it. As the party entered the room a voice spoke from the darkness "Who enters my dominion", eyes glowing like hot coals could been seen in the darkness. A another dwarf twisted like before emerge from the darkness and blasted the party with spells. The party killed the dwarf. The party lowered a hanging crystal to discover a dwarf encased inside, he was unconscious but alive. The party lowered the rest, shattering 2 other crystals in the process killing the occupants. In total they recused 2 dwarfs, they tried to wake them but they would not respond. Ariana believed they were under the effects of a spell. They explored the mage's lair and found an alchemy lab, they took anything they believed of value.

They party continued on to a room with 4 tunnels, each tunnel had a glowing orb in the middle glowing a soft colour(red, green, orange and blue). At the start of the tunnels was a fire pit and an orb sitting on a pole in the middle of the fire. Tanek walked down the red tunnel and halfway down, jets of fire shot out from the walk, engulfing him in flames, he managed to get back to the start of the tunnel. Tra-Kri then tested the blue tunnel and noticed a panel on the wall half way down, while investigating, whirling blades emerged from the wall. He made it back to the start after sustaining major wounds. The party discussed at length about how to get through the tunnels. After testing they found out that the green tunnel fired poison darts and the orange tunnel had pendulum blades. After while Clagshir decided to touch the orb in the fire pit, the orb glowed red, he then walked down the red tunnel and emerge from the other side safely. The rest of the party followed. The party found them in a cavern full of giant clear and white crystals. They wandered through the cavern to find some twisted dwarfs mining the crystal. The party attacked them, one of the dwarfs summoned a crystal creature using an item, they party eventually destroyed them.


They continued on down the cavern as it narrowed and they found themselves in a room made from masonry. The continued on and to find they were in a large and very old structure. Signs of extreme age was every where as they found destroyed/rusted wooden and metal objects. They found a large wooden door engraved with dwarf fighting demons on a battlefield. They continued down some stairs and found a dungeon, in a cell was an old man whistling to 3 yellow canaries. He would only respond to the party with smiles and then continued to whistle. They decided to release him, he followed the party.

The party found tombs running down a hallway, the party burst open the first door and the coffin inside opened. The desiccated remains of a dwarf attacked the party, "Take my place" it repeated in a husky voice. Soon multiple tombs burst open and the occupants attacked the party. The party destroyed them and went down the hallway to come into a large tomb, this was obviously was for someone who was very important as the coffin was elaborately made. The party turned around to see a great mural painted on the wall behind them, 2 dwarf guards stood in the painting. The eyes of the dwarfs followed the party, Ariana suspecting the painting of possibly being a threat attacked it with magic. The wall crumbled and revealed two skeletons in the wall where the guards where. They emerged revealing that they hard four arms as they drew their 4 metal scimitars. They questioned the party for their names, unsatisfied they attacked.


The party were doing well until Tanek was beheaded with a mighty blow. Clagshir then dropped from multiple large wounds and was bleeding profusely on the floor. Rashel then dropped from a couple large hits and Heurheiee shortly after. Ariana was disembowelled from a large below. Tra-Kri tried to gain some distance as he fired arrows, but the skeletons moved with lighting speed and took him down with a couple blows. Clagshir bleed out as the skeletons ensured anyone still moving on the ground was killed. So the party found their end in an ancient castle built in the green age of Dark Sun.